Tuesday, 3 May 2011

google commerce search & panda update

Googles' panda update has shaken the ecommerce industry (along with the content sites industry). 

The panda update will force ecommerce sites to start concentrating on channels other than SEO & relying on google search results. Companies will start concentrating on SEM, social media marketing(fb, twitter) & traditional marketing (ads on TV, newspapers). Customers who land up on these websites using these alternate media will eventually have to search for the product on the site rather than relying on googles' seo based search results. Suddenly, all ecommerce companies are forced to improvise their product search so that users can find what they want on the website organically.

So, what are the ways to improvise product search on an ecommerce site?

If you don't have the appetite(resources, tuning) for solr or sphinx, you can always use SaaS based solutions. Some players in the SaaS based solutions market are: endeca, autonomy and of course google commerce search. An Indian player has also entered the market, unbxd.

I believe there was some common learning that drove both panda update & commerce search. Please comment if you are aware of anything that connects the two...

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